About us

Evobaskets was founded by two friends simply wanting new fishing baskets for their trucks.  Quickly this need snowballed in to what you see here today.  

We were initially frustrated with the quality of what was on the market, most baskets were either low quality aliminum that would be considered "throw away" after a few years or heavy steel.  The only solution was to go to a custom fabricator for a quality product, well we fixed that.  

Since the initial launch of our line of fishing products we realized that our basket line could also fit many other areas of interest such as tailgating, parents going to sporting events, overlanding, and even the family needing a basket to go on vacation at the beach for a week.  With our unique modular design the sky really is endless for user configurations.  Please continue to check back as we add additional products to our line of accessories.

With the success of our basket line we have also ventured into other areas such as bringing a quality bungee cord to the market.  No longer are you going to the big box store and purchasing a bungee cord with a limited life expectancy or strength rating, our bungee cords carry a 3 year guarantee, so like all Evobaskets products they are built to last!